Shirts n Stuff Hand Printed in NYC

Come see us at the Grand Bazaar NYC, every Sunday at 77th & Columbus Ave

Tees, Vees, Tanks, and more shirty stuff!

ORDER NOW! Our designs are always changing, and once they're gone, we don't know if they'll ever be back. Here's what we've got right now. Remember, since they're all hand printed to order, it may take a few days to print your shirt.

Contact us if your size or style of choice isn't here, or get something un-hand printed from our TeePublic store.


Want more designs?

When screens wear out, I recycle them to do new designs, but I still love the old designs! I often have a few of these available at the markets (eg. Grand Bazaar on Sundays in NYC, 77th & Columbus Ave), so come and see what I've got!

All the old stuff is available to be printed on demand from our TeePublic store.

Make sure you keep an eye on our Instagram feed to see all the latest!

About Us

This is basically a one man art thingy, all being put together from a tiny NYC apartment. All designs are unique and based on random ideas. Some are hand drawn. Some are designed in photoshop. Some are just weird. If you see me in person, I'll have hand printed versions of these shirts for you, all screen printed in my tiny apartment.

Come see us at the Grand Bazaar NYC to grab the latest prints, or order online and we'll ship it to you. If the size or colour you want isn't in stock, get in touch below, or grab a digitally printed product from our TeePublic store. There's always cool stuff there that I can't print myself, so have a look!

I've designed and printed shirts, bags, stubby holders (koozies?!), and more, for Pubs, Parties, Holidays, Fundraisers, Charities, Birthdays, and no reason at all! If you'd like something unique made for your event, let us know!

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